Friday, April 4, 2008

What not to teach (about searching)

What not to teach (about searching): "

A recent post on the LM_NET listserv questioned whether or not we should be teaching Boolean operators. The librarian noted that their us...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Week 9 Task 23
Hip, Hip Hooray!!! I finally made it. I enjoyed the online learning experience but would have liked to have had some more interaction in some face to face setting . I think that's just me. I process better after discussing it orally with others who have the same experience. Maybe if we could have met halfway through and discussed problems or features we really liked. I know that is what the blog is for but I still like the mix of online and face to face.

I learned so many new things from Library Thing to Zoho but I probably enjoyed the Flicker Toys the most. I have already been back to apply what I learned with some of them.

I read on the Blue Skunk blog that a person is considered a professional when he/she takes responsibility for his/her own learning. I think I took away from this "things" that were most applicable to me. I was feeling a little guilty for brushing over some of the tasks (tagging and technorati) but I guess I'm the only one responsible for what I did or didn't learn.
I would definitely participate in another learning experience like this one because to quote Doug Johnson on professional development, "The logical consequence of professionals not taking their learning seriously is that they are so ineffectual they will no longer be employable." I certainly want to remain in that "employable" group.
Week 9 Task 22
I looked at the Project Gutenberg site. I had used it several years back when we were wanting to put marc records into our catalog for some of the classics. It was very time consuming and I never ended up adding them. The site has changed and updated quite a bit. It was much easier to use. I even noticed some now have audio even though the one I listened was a machine translation which was a bit choppy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 9 Task 21


I had just recently downloaded iTunes and played around with it. I was actually doing a slide show for my son's wedding and needed some songs. I found it very easy to use and had looked at Podcasts in it. After using iTunes the other podcasts directories I looked at seemed very klunky and not nearly as attractive or intuitive. Except maybe Yahoo's padcasts. I found one that I thought I might subscribe to:

Spanish Coffee Break-- you learn Spanish in just 2o minutes a day

There were actually a lot of "easy to learn Spanish" podcasts available. It would just take some time to find the one most interesting.

Week 9, Task 20 ( I finally made it to the last week!!)

Well, who couldn't spend all day long on YouTube! I just finally had to say enough. I found this video and found it quite appropriate for school libraries. You have to be really careful when choosing videos for students due to language. There is a LOT of inappropriate stuff.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Week 8 Task 19

Well, what librarian wouldn't love the Library Thing! My absolute favorite part was the sign-up. All you do is enter a username and a password. It's true, no clicking on a link that says "Not a user, click here". You simply enter the 2 pieces of information and you're in! It didn't want to know my title or my mother's maiden name. I LOVED that! I looked back over my 23 things and I have registered for at least 15 different tools. Library Thing was a snap to use, too. You can add your books by title, author or isbn. It shows you the cover and you click it and it fills in all the info you need about the book, except the summary. Or at least I couldn't find a summary from the publisher. Maybe the whole idea is that I'm supposed to enter my own summary/review. Sometimes, when I read a series I forget the details of what each on is about. (ex. Stephanie Plum series, who can remember what happened in Hot Six?) It would have been helpful to see a summary to remind me what each one was about. I think you could go to Amazon to see more.
On to the LAST week!! Yippee :-)

Week 8 Task 18

This has been my favorite week so far. (only one more to go!) I loved the Zoho site. I wasn't too thrilled at first with most of the offerings like the writer, spreadsheet and presenter. They seem easy enough to use, but I can't see a need for them now. I'll continue using the Office products and don't see myself switching to the Zoho tools. HOWEVER, I thought I would really like the Zoho meeting tool.

If you've ever attended a webinar it's the same concept, except this program is free to use.
It can be used to demonstrate something on your computer to others while they are sitting at their computers. It can also be used for troubleshooting. It allows you to see someone elses computer desktop and vice versa. Pretty cool for free! It was a little clunky getting it setup. I liked it a lot less as I experimented more. What do you expect for free? The only way I could find to communicate to participants was through the chat feature. Most webinars have a phone number to dial in to hear the presenter. much do those other webinars cost???